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For most of my life, I have always embraced the phrase “Make it a Great Day”. Not an email message or a discussion will go by without me stating Make it a Great Day!!!

As I moved through life, I have always wanted Make it a Great Day!!! to be more than just a phrase.

As I have been blessed to have started and sold a couple of successful healthcare start-ups, I came across a quote that struck me:

“ Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy” – Anonymous

Therefore, I decided to find a path to getting the positive message out to the world that anyone can have a good day but why not make the extra effort to “Make it a Great Day!!!”

So last year while on a Lake Michigan beach near Chicago visiting friends, our friends had some cool backpack beach chairs. We subsequently went to a local Costco and brought a few for the family. A week later while living in Buffalo, some other friends invited us to their pool a few blocks away. My wife packed a typical tote bag beach bag to the gills and asked me to carry it to over to our friend’s pool. As you could imagine, it was heavy and bulky and that’s when I came across the idea of a backpack beach bag.

backpack for success
blue backpack 15

“Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way” – Tom Freston

Therefore the first product to get the message out of Make it a Great Day!!! was born.

As we have moved to Colorado, the bag has gone beyond just the beach and pool and we have used it for picnics, concerts and road trips.

pink backpack 16
pink backpack 5

We look forward to creating more innovative products that will help motivate people to make a higher commitment to those things that we truly value.

Thanks for reading the story – Now help us spread the word and let us know what it means to you to Make it a Great Day!!!

Tim Godzich