In THE bag

In recent posts we have highlighted some of the awesome features of The Make It A Great Day Bag, and the reasons why every woman loves the Make It a Great Day Bag as her go-to Tote Bag. Now that Spring is just around the corner, you are going to be looking for just the right gift for “so and so”. Look no further! The Make it a Great Day Bag, makes the perfect gift for young moms, adult couples, the man who enjoys handiwork, anyone who travels for work, and the list goes on! Today we are highlighting the perfect gift for a family who enjoys spending time together!

Stuffed Bag, The Perfect Family giftFamilies understand that in today’s world we have to be intentional about our time together, or there simply won’t be any time. For the family that enjoys a Day trip to the lake or beach, this is the perfect day trip bag! Before we owned the Make It a Great Day Bag we left for the beach with 3 or 4 separate bags. Trying to remember everything spread between 3 different bags wasn’t easy. Then arriving at the van after our beach fun, and making sure we had everything was even more complicated. With the perfect Family Day Tote, I don’t worry where anything is. I can be sure I packed it all in one place!

Load up your Make It A Great Day Bag with everything you need to spend your day at the Lake or Beach!

The Perfect Family gift, Beach Day ContentsFor our Family of 6, we fit just about everything we need for the day!  Into the Bag Goes:

  • 6 Towels
  • 2 Pairs of goggles
  • 4 Large Bottles of Water
  • a small lunch box cooler with a bag of watermelon pieces, and other cracker snacks
  • 3 bottles of sunscreen
  • Mom’s Kindle – for reading
  • 2changes of clothing – for the little kids.

The Perfect Family gift, Beach Bag, the perfect gift for the person who enjoy staying fit,On Dad’s back he places the backpack, and under his arm goes his surfboard. The kids each grab their own surfboard and mom grabs her chair…(Hey I deserve a short break!) No more stress of leaving something behind! With the Make It A Great Day Bag, our family day trips spend more time with family and less time on the packing!