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“I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase.” – Diane von Furstenberg

Packing for a trip can be exciting or a complete nightmare. It all depends on your focus. Two things make the difference when packing; one is how much time in advance you packed and also what are you packing for. Nevertheless, there are always tips that can help you pack like a pro!

1. Make a list of essentials:

Sometimes it is a lot easier to visualize what you need to take with you when you actually write it down. This helps you cross out the things you have packed and the things you’re still missing.

2. Pack with time to revisit before leaving:

One of the worst feelings when going on vacations is to open your suitcase and realize that you forgot a crucial item. Packing ahead of time, ideally three days before your trip, this gives you the possibility to review your luggage before leaving. Nothing increases your chance of forgetting something, more than packing in a hurry. Take your time, to do it well, and double-check.

3. Pack light and with good combinations:

Pack as few items as possible and make sound combinations. When you pack clothes of the same color pallet and same style, it becomes easier for you to combine and achieve more with less. It is also good to always take some time to revisit your luggage and remove the things you don’t really need.

Packing tips4. Pack a good carry on bag:

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