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We’ve highlighted the countless ways the Make It A Great Day Bag is used. Today we’re showing you one more great way to use the most versatile Tote Bag and Backpack on the market, hiking to a secluded beach!

Hiking trips come in all shapes and sizes.

Our family’s most recent hiking trip was through a National Park. Wildlife swarmed on this particularly unique day in which we saw sloths, monkeys, giant iguanas, mapaches, and what seemed to be every variety of spider in the country of Costa Rica! Heading out this morning, I knew we would be gone a long while. Our National Park is about an hour’s drive from home so I planned for everything. On this trip, we were taking along a friend to show her the beauty we call home. That made seven in our group. We planned to pack a simple picnic lunch, our towels, water bottles and sunscreen. In the van, we would leave our changes of clothing for the ride home.

This hike is for amateurs so we felt comfortable with our four and six-year-old being able to handle the distance. The entire length of the hike is nearly 2 hours to cover the whole park. We decided to stick to the first leg of the hike which leads to a pristine white sand beach at about 35 minutes into the hike.

Sunny Beach Panorama

Into THE Bag went:

  • 7 Towels
  • 3 bottles of Sunscreen
  • 6 Bottles of water – we were hiking after all.
  • 8 peanut butter sandwiches
  • 4 apples
  • 1 Plastic container of Watermelon cubes.

Upon our arrival at the beach, with minimal complaining thankfully, we promptly found a shady tree on the sand and began to re-apply the sunscreen before everyone took a dive into the turquoise water! monkey in a tree

The Make It A Great Day Bag, served us well as our tote-everything hiking bag! We fit everything in this list then slid the drawstring shut and closed the webbed nylon straps with their clips. Secure and in place, the Bag went on Dad’s shoulders for the hike! With “little man” at his side, and THE Bag on his back he felt comfortable the entire walk. The extra padding in the backpack straps made this Bag a breeze to haul even when stuffed full.

After our romp in the ocean and lunch on the beach, we cleaned up and stuffed everything right back into our Make It A Great Day Bag and off we went back through the trail. An adventure called, and once again, I didn’t think twice. I went right to the Make It a Great Day Bag and began packing. This is the most versatile tote bag and backpack on the market. Dependability and versatility make this my go-to bag every time!