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Traveling with children always requires a strategic approach generally beginning a few weeks prior to your travel date.  On a recent trip, our friend from Impressions Group, Charissa, ventured off to Huntsville, Ontario Canada. It was a first in many ways for this young mom. Traveling for the first time alone with her baby, and it was her first time traveling with The Make it a Great Day Bag!

best gift for busy teens, Best Gift to give: The Make It A Great Day Bag! Watermellon Lime School Days BagTraveling with a baby requires a lot of gear!

Charissa knew she was going to need some serious space! When she thought about how to utilize her airline baggage allowance, she knew that The Make it a Great Day Bag would be just the thing. The Bag served as her “personal item” aboard the plane and provided all the needed space to be well prepared for anything the little one could need during travel.  Into the Make it a Great Day Bag went – A ready packed smaller diaper bag, extra diapers, baby toys, food, computer, her wallet, I phone, sunglasses and numerous little items. The Bag is big enough to hold it all and still fit under the seat in front of you.

Charissa Takes the Make It A Great Day Bag to CanadaAny mother of young ones knows that you need your diaper bag close by!

Having to fiddle with a child in your arms while at the same time opening an overhead compartment to drag out the necessary items, does not make for a peaceful ride. Even with all of the baby’s gear loaded inside, the bag gets shoved under the seat and you’re ready for take-off.

After deboarding the plane, The Make it a Great Day Bag became the perfect all purpose tote bag going everywhere Charissa went. Since they stayed right on a lake, they enjoyed the convenience of packing up the bag and heading down to the Lake for a sunny afternoon. Stuff in a few towels, some water toys and gear, and off we go! A Boating trip? Perfect! Into the bag went towels, sunscreen, changes of clothing, snacks, water bottles and more.

All in one BagThe Make it a great Day Bag is the perfect traveling companion!

From airplane to lake and everywhere in between this bag has proven it is the Go-To bag. Use it for everyday needs, like errands around town, grocery shopping, dry cleaning drop off and soccer practice! Or use it for your office to gym bag. Pack your perfect bag the night before and have your gym gear ready to go!  You’re more likely to get to the gym this way!  Perfect for hauling everyday items around, the Make it a Great Day Bag is your Bag!