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What every woman wants in a Tote Bag!

What every woman wants in a Tote Bag
This one is for you ladies! Despite all our attempts to slim down our daily packing list, we still end up with three separate bags to hold all of our stuff.  We need a separate bag for our laptop, one for our essentials (generally our pretty shoulder bag or purse). And another bag for all the rest of the stuff we couldn’t fit in the first two bags.

The term tote bag generally refers to a handbag with loads of space. Although the original “Tote” was created as an extra hand bag to take shopping, today’s “Totes” are multitaskers! They have become an essential tool for women in their everyday lives. Tote bags help women move from work to the gym, to the grocery store and home again. They are great for travel, a Picnic or a beach trip. The Truth is today’s women know no limit to what her Tote can and MUST do!

The truth is we need a true all -in one; a “carry- all”  that truly carries -it- all. That is, our laptop or iPad, headphones, water bottle, gym clothes and shoes, our pretty purse that only needs to hold our wallet, phone, lipstick and keys, baby wipes, and the rest of our conglomeration of items that we just feel we need to have at all times.  There have been those moments, don’t lie, that you’ve thought a generic school-ish backpack would do the job better than your giant purse. But what woman really wants to carry that?

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So what do women want in a tote bag?

Sturdiness more than anything. We want the bag to take anything we throw at it. We want to be able to shove it as full as we want and it not best at the seams. We have a habit of grabbing everything we think we might need and tossing it in. Hey sometimes thats a great thing cause it means we will be prepared, other times it means a whole lot of granola bars get crunched up at the bottom of our tote bag. We want the straps to stand the test of time. We won’t accept a flimsy strap that breaks at the seam.  Even though we know we are going to overload our bag, we want a bag that is built to last!
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The Make it a Great Day Bag Company has dedicated themselves to producing the one bag you need to hold everything!

Ladies, Once you have found the Make it a Great Day Bag you will have found your lifelong companion! This bag can handle it all; gym clothes, a weekend trip up the coast, work, the grocery store and home! This is your “everything I will need for today”  bag…it does it all. With high quality and durable materials you will never worry that your tote bag will burst at the seams! This will be your dependable tool you rely on day after day!