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Having a great day, starts the night before, with a good sleep.

Developing a healthy sleeping pattern is vital for your everyday routine. It helps you maintain energy and sharper focus, helping you stay on top of your tasks. When you don´t sleep well, you get up exhausted and this not only affects the way you perform but also the way you relate to others. You may have less patience and tolerance, than on those days in which you wake up rested and ready for anything.

Resting periods have become smaller and smaller as time passes by. People are so busy; that sleeping well stopped being a priority. The problem here is that the lack of sleep can cause not only social but also severe mental and physical health issues.

An investigation to find out what was the relationship between cardiovascular health and sleep, reveals that lack of sleep impairs judgment, the ability to retain information, and can also increase the risk of serious accidents and injuries. According to Dr. Rahul Shetty, a doctor working in the investigation, the lack of sleep alters the immune system. This means that there are more likely to have respiratory tract infections and other diseases of the immune system problems. Research also shows that lack of sleep caused weight gain and altered hormone levels that affect appetite. Another consequence is related to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart rate, cerebrovascular accident, stress, and depression.

Once you understand all of this you realize that sleeping well is much more important than one initially imagines. And once you start resting the appropriate amount of time, the results and changes speak for themselves.

 Recommendations for better sleep

When it comes to sleeping habits, one thing that helps a lot is to go to bed every day at the same time and for the same amount of hours. Also, it is very important not to oversleep on the mornings, because this will cause you yo be alert for longer the next day. Another recommendation is to wait at least three hours after you eat, before going to bed, so that the body has enough time to digest.

Sleeping Rituals

Reading a good book at night can help you sleep better.There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. When the night comes and time to go to bed is near, there are some activities which serve to relax the body and mind; therefore helping you sleep better. Some good ideas may be watching a movie, listening to soft music, drinking caffeine-free hot tea, reading a book or taking a warm bath.

Also, remember that your problems shouldn’t go to bed with you. If there is a way to solve them, surely you will find it sooner if your mind and body are well rested. Otherwise, you will be tired and distracted the next day. So plan your days and go to bed early, you will be thankful for it the next morning.