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“Dreams don’t work unless you do” – John Maxwell.

Setting up goals and pursuing your dreams may not be as glamorous as it sounds. It requires hard work, persistence and discipline. Wisdom is also needed; to know when to push one more time and when to let go. The first month of the year gone, February well on its way, this is a good time for checking in on your New Year’s Goals and see if they need some adjustment.

A French writer once said that a goal without a plan is just a wish. So, how do we go from wishing to achieving? Well, there are five simple steps you can use to put your dreams into motion and it is the S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting Matrix:

1. Specific

There is no way you can achieve a goal if you don’t quite know what it is. Point out with clarity what you want to accomplish and include as many details as possible. The more specific you become, the better results you will get.

2. MeasurableCheck Off Your To-Do List

Spend time developing criteria and tools to measure the progress toward the attainment of your goal. Choose measurable guidelines that would help you answer the question how much? Or how many?

3. Attainable

Is your goal achievable in general terms? This doesn’t mean easy, just do-able. Becoming a professional surfer may sound fun, but if you live in a country where there is no ocean, this will probably become an unattainable goal unless you move to a different country.

4. Realistic

Is your goal reasonable enough for you to accomplish? Make sure it is not out of your reach and that you have or can train the skills and abilities needed in the process. Aim high but remain realistic. Lossing 20 pounds in one week can sound like a great idea, but a goal like that will fall to the ground very fast, as it is not likely to happen under healthy conditions.

5. Time- bound

Set up a time frame for your goal. Most people derail faster when they don’t have a specific deadline to work with. You can even break the final goal into steps and give each a timeline. This way you can measure the progress and adjust if necessary.

So, that is it. Set up a goal, make a plan, get to work, measure your progress and reach the objective, and repeat. We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve, and all we need is to make the desition and go after it with faith and courage. Make Great Days logo