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Many people think of spring as a time for change because we see such drastic changes in nature and new life literally springing up around us. But, we often overlook the amount of change we undergo in the Fall. We are letting go of summer and free time. We were a little more loose with scheduling and family ties were brought a little closer. We take more time together in the summer; days are longer and so we try to take advantage of the time outdoors.

Women Health and FitnessAs Summer turns to Fall we face changing in nature and changing in the rhythm of our lives. Kids go back to school, daylight becomes less as we get closer to winter months, and cooler breezes begin to blow in.  Cooler weather can mean a little more gray and a little less golden sunlight. Fall is a natural season of change. Time to reflect on the summer fun we had and begin looking toward the coming winter months, and preparations that need to be made. We also tend to begin thinking about upcoming winter holidays and financially tightening our purse strings in preparation for inevitable costs.

It’s important to know how the seasonal changes affect you

It is normal to experience a mood shift when the summer light turns to more cloud covered skies. Are you a person who enjoys lots of sunshine and find you have a need to be outdoors regularly to stay in a positive frame of mind? Do you notice that you aren’t as apt to stay active and enjoy the outdoors when temperatures begin to dip? Do you find yourself longing for long summer days?

You may need a season plan! You can prepare for seasonal changes that effect your mood. 

If you notice that your mood changes with the seasons, do something to stay on top of your mood! Get outside, and get some sunlight! If you simply can’t find a way to get outdoors everyday, then you must invest in interior lighting that mimics the sunlight you would receive. Your body needs Vitamin D, and your mind needs to have your serotonin and dopamine levels kept in check. That can only happen with a regular dose of sunlight! If not from the outside, then get it indoors. Shoot for a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise to help balance your brain chemistry by releasing the levels you need to stay in a healthy mood and frame of mind! Lastly adding healthy Omega 3s to an already good eating plan can help to balance mood as well.

snow slide

Skiing in 60 inch base and blue skies

Make it a Great Day even when the seasonal changes bring gray skies!

With a season plan in place you can be intentional about giving your body and mind what it needs to keep you in a positive frame of mind. The Make it a Great Day Company is dedicated to creating products that help you to enjoy life and stay positive! Seasonal changes don’t have to control your mood or steal great days from you and your family! Check out the Thunder Blue Bag, the most versatile tote/backpack.