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outdoors mealLabor Day is coming… And it’s the time we all take a deep breath! It’s one of the rare days all year we are honored for the long hours and hard work we put in day after day.  This time, take a real break and take some time to truly relax.   How do you plan to celebrate Labor Day? Grab your make it a Great Day Bag and put it to work for you!

To Celebrate Labor Day we are highlighting The Ultimate Picnic Bag! 

What’s your favorite picnic spot? A Public Park? A National Park or Preserve within driving distance? Maybe your family prefers the beach? No matter where you plan to celebrate Labor Day, your Make it a Great Day Bag can handle whatever you choose!  Made with high quality water resistant canvas you can take this Picnic Bag anywhere. Set it in the beach sand or set in down in a clearing in the woods. This tough canvas doesn’t dirty easy and when clean up is necessary, it’s easy.

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Plenty of space to organize all your picnic gear plus much, much more…

The Make it a Great Day Bag has plenty of space to take along everything you will need for your Picnic. With specialized pockets you won’t be rummaging through one giant hole to find your snack bags, and water bottles. Feel confident taking along your plastic storage containers full of classic potato salad or cole slaw. Stack up your containers in the bottom and secure them with the nylon straps. Or use the straps to hang a picnic lawn blanket, umbrella or camp chair. The drawstring closure ensures nothing will be tussled around or lost.

Wherever you plan to celebrate Labor Day,
take along The Ultimate Picnic Bag:
The Make it a Great Day Bag!

picnicLabor Day is for you, the hard workers of this great country.
Enjoy your long weekend
and plan a day of relaxation. Whether you pack the back of your truck for a fishing and camping trip or your fill your car trunk with coolers for a day at the beach, The Make it a Great Day Bag Company Salutes the working force that keeps this country moving day in and day out! Thanks for Making Our Days Great!logo

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