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When you get used to having your Make it a Great Day bag right at hand for any and every circumstance, you realize what an essential tool it has become! This is exactly what has happened in our house. Our Make it a Great Day Bag has been another member of the family. One afternoon I reached for the bag and noticed my daughter had “dressed” it up with a bright scarf. As any young girl would do, she thought it needed a little unique personality.

Make it a Great Day Bag for toysIt certainly did. Our bag needed to reflect US!  The bright pink addition stayed abut a week until we headed out for a family beach day when dad would be hauling the bag. Dad didn’t think pink fit his personality too well, so he attached a caribeaner hook, with a fin key for the surf board fins. A Fin key is a small allen key turned into an actual “Key” to keep on your key chain. Perfect addition for a surfer!  Since then every member of the family has wanted to express their personality in a different way, even Buzz Lightyear made an appearance. It was a suitable addition to express the unique personality of even the youngest member of the clan.

IMG_2169The Make it a Great day bag isn’t for just one of us, it serves us all with the most versatile capability of any bag we’ve owned. This isn’t a tote bag or a back pack, it is truly an all in one bag. If you need a smaller tote bag, no problem, turn it into a smaller tote with a few simple clips. If you need a really big carrying capacity it can do that too! Just un clip the side and let out the drawstring and you can cram it full!

How do you make the Make it a Great Day Bag, YOUR Bag?

Show us how you express your personality on the bag! Leave a comment and tell us what additions you have made to “dress” up your bag with a touch of your unique personality. A Key Ring, A Scarf, A Ribbon, something else unexpected? Let us know how this bag has become YOUR Make it a Great Day Bag, your every day essential tool!