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My family’s favorite day bag

Our Make it a Great Day Bag has become a staple in our home nearly as important as the refrigerator! For sure the best family day bag we have ever owned… It sits out and ready to grab most of the time. Easy to grab, means it does get grabbed often. And this time it was the little ones who had a plan for a day of adventure exploring in the jungle surrounding our home. For this trip “deep” into the jungle (to the end of our road) they told me what they would need to take! For a 4 and 6 year old they certainly were thinking about proper preparation. They wanted to include so many things I was a little concerned it wouldn’t all fit, or that if it did fit ,they wouldn’t be able to stand up with the bag on their lil’ shoulders. But once again we were impressed with the Make it a Great Day Bag!

imaginative play on a great day

Yes they did! They packed it ALL in the Make It a Great Day Bag and took off on the road to their “deep” jungle adventure

Binoculars "to look out for animals"Here is what our two “littles” decided was a required list of packing for their imaginative play day in the jungle!

  • Binoculars – “to look out for animals”
  • Snacks – in case you get hungry
  • Flashlight – for when it gets dark after sunset (which happens at about 6 pm here year round)
  • A pocket knife – (Um, mom isn’t so sure they should take one of those)
  • A map – “In case we get lost”
  • Tent – “In case you have to sleep the night there cause you got lost”
  • Water – lots of water.
Easy to clean and store bag

It’s important for a family day bag to be easy to clean and fully washable

Make it a Great Day Bags is an all in one bag for the whole family!

Make it a Great Day is a Company dedicated to families. We are the best all purpose tote bag for all of your families needs.  Whether you need a quick bag to grab for a few items just to run a few errands, or a weekend bag for your family of four, this is THE BAG for it all! cinch it down and pack a little, let out the side adjustment straps and pack a lot! This bag grows with your family and adjusts for any situation.