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Visiting the Capital, Washington D.C. for the July 4th Independence Day holiday has been called a “bucket list” experience. July 4th is something pretty special all by itself, but experiencing the celebrations in the heart of our Nation’s capital is top notch. Americans may disagree on politics, but what most will agree on is that the USA isn’t a bad place to call home. Consider adding this trip to your list of places to see! If you have young ones, what an educational experience, to see up close and personal the things they only read about in school or see in pictures. This trip will take some planning due to the huge crowds expected each year in the capital – more than 700,000 on the 4th of July last year.

4th of july holiday

With these 4 quick tips you’ll have a head start at planning your own bucket-list experience in Washington D.C.:

1. Arrive early if you plan to enjoy the evening concert and fireworks display on the lawn of the National Mall. This is Top-seating”, but you must arrive extra early. but don’t worry there are plenty of activities planned all day long to keep the whole family busy. Public access to the mall begins at 10 a.m. with secutry check points, so plan well. You want to stream line your packing to make the security check points less stressful for your whole family.   Everything will be screened backpacks, coolers, and all other such packages.

2. Check out the events being offered throughout the day and plan which you want to participate in. All festivities are free, but there are so many things happening at once you will want to prioritize not only to save your energy for the exciting concert and fireworks show, but simply to stay hydrated and free of sunburn! One of the highlights of the day’s events begins at 10 a.m. with the reading of the Declaration of Independence by actors portraying Thomas Jefferson, John adams, Benjamin Franklin. From the parade down Constitution Avenue, Performances form the Folklife Festival of the Smithsonian Institute, and ending the night Concert featuring headliner Barry Manilow on the National Mall and the breathtaking view of the Capital Sky illuminated with fireworks.

3. Don’t Drive! Plan to use the metro and stake out your best stations. The Smithsonian station tends to get quite bogged down, you may prefer to get off a little further and walk.

4. Leave at Home: Firearms, Alcohol, personal fireworks and tents.  Bring: Patience, Sunscreen, hats, water, food, pocket cash, and a lawn blanket… and of course your Make It a Great Day Bag!

Capitol Building July 4th

The Make It a Great Day Bag is the perfect bag
for a day in the Nation’s Capital.

Make it a Great Day Bag packed

Pack your Make it a Great Day Bag full with everything you’ll need

Pack it full of everything you’ll need to celebrate our Independence day with ease! Your water bottles, sunscreen, hats, lawn blankets and much more will all fit comfortable into the bag! Just slip it onto your shoulders and off you go for a Patriotic Spectacular in Washington D.C.

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