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When you take the family to the beach you want to be sure everything is in that bag so that your day is relaxing and fun! There is nothing worse than loading up the 6 of us, 5 boards and 4-6 separate bags for our gear. The most enjoyable characteristic of this bag is its versatility! This weekend we took the Make it a Great Day Bag to the Beach and we packed it full! That’s right, just one bag!

For this beach day with 4 kids and the parents in tow we needed a lot of gear!

Beach Day Contents

Contents of the Make It a Great Day Beach Day Bag

Here is what we packed in our Make it a Great Day Bag:

  • Five Surfboards, (Ok,those didn’t exactly go in the bag).
  • 6 Towels
  • 3 Sunglasses
  • 3 Bottles of Sunscreen. 1 for the face, and 2 for the body.
  • 2 Large water bottles and 1 fruit juice.
  • Outerwear: Board Shorts, Rash Guards, and tanks tops for everyone.
  • 3 Hats (1 not pictured – it was on my head)
  • Bag of snacks: Peanut butter Sandwiches, chips, and apples. (in our mini cooler inside bag)
  • Inside the specialty pockets, our iPhones.

Even with all of this packed in there, we still had room for more. We closed the interior drawstring and slipped it on on Dad’s back, and down the beach we went looking for the best spot for our young surfers. No longer were we struggling to keep track of little ones and all our separate bags. The kids trotted off free of bags with only their boards under their arms, and we strolled along worry free with everything tucked into one bag.

With it’s tough exterior you don’t have to worry about this bag getting dirty or handling the sand and rocks. This bag can handle rugged terrain and sandy beaches alike! An easy wipe down takes care of the clean up process on this bag. Once the bag is completely dry shake off remaining sand and you’re ready for your next adventure!

Beach Day!

The Beach Awaits You! Make it a Great Day!

 For your next family fun day, venture outside and take along your Make it a Great Day Bag.

Stuffed Bag

Stuff your Make it a Great Day Bag full! And don’t forget the drinks!

Enjoy your weekend with your family and experience the fun of being together. Make it a Great Day Bags is a family company dedicated to bringing you high quality products that work for you and your family.

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