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Schedule appointments with yourself

There is no shortage of responsibilities for people today

So how do we Reduce Stress, Maximize Productivity and Make Your Day Great?

There is no doubt, Life is Full! Appointments, errands, work tasks, and family commitments, not to mention personal interests.  As a result, people experience more stress than ever before. It can be hard to keep it all going day in and day out.

One simple tip will help you get the things done that matter most!

Schedule appointments with yourself  to do your most important work!  

As simple as it sounds, few people actually do this. Oftentimes our calendar is where we schedule our “interruptions” –  appointments, errands, etc. But a day filled with appointments and errands doesn’t help us accomplish what matters most. While appointments and errands can’t be avoided, they can be planned strategically to maximize your energy and productivity. This will leave you feeling refreshed with a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day… now that makes for a great day!

Taking a break from the to-do list

Make an Appointment with Yourself

How To Schedule an Appointment with Yourself:

Start by evaluating your calendar. Has it become a dumping ground for anything and everything in your day? If so, reconsider your approach to your to-do list. The “brain sump” approach automatically increases stress levels. Think about it in this way – White space = breathing room. Seeing some empty slots on the calendar will give you a sense of freedom, even if they are only for 15 min blocks. The idea is to begin to learn ways to creative schedule your items so that you still have open slots.

Consider moving your to-do items to a dedicated task list. There are many great, free apps available such as Wunderlist,  but pen and paper work just as well. This will allow you to allocate your time for what is most important.

Schedule your priorities. Once you have cleared some space, schedule time for your most important work. This is when you will focus on the highest priorities on your task list for the day. 60-90 minute blocks work best for maintaining energy levels and focus.

Ideally schedule this time early in your work morning because your focus and energy levels are highest then. But no matter when you schedule it be sure it is uninterrupted time. To really maximize this time, do not open email or social media until after you are done, as these tend to be streams of distraction for most of us, and can easily suck away 30minutes to an hour without even realizing it.

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Schedule an Appointment with Yourself to Make It A Great Day!

Once you have begun the habit of scheduling yourself to be uninterrupted for 60-minutes in the earliest part of your work day, you can move on to items of lesser importance. Check out the next blog in this series, To-Do List Hacks for Everyday Life,  for new ideas on how to make sure even the little things on your list are being accomplished.

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