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A Vision Board is a tool many people use
to keep their primary goals front and center

We all need to have a vision board, to keep the important topics, in our homes or offices, front and center in our mind. Unfortunately, many things are out of sight and therefore out of mind. While we may let our mind drift off to our dreams now and then, we don’t spend a lot of time considering how those dreams may actually become a reality.  A vision board helps you do just this!

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Keep your vision board full of inspiration

A Vision board is any sort of board, whether a white dry erase board, a cork board or other such tool, that serves as a central location for you to collect your ideas and images of the dreams you aspire to one day realize. A Vision Board can serve an individual, a family or a team.  When working with your family or team to create a Vision Board be sure every member is part of the creation process. Each one of you will bring a different perspective and energy to the Vision Creating Process.

Gather your group together, and choose a few time slots that work for everyone involved. For a family, this may be just after your dinner hour when everyone is mostly available. If you plan to create your own individualized board set aside time to be alone and undistracted. Begin by asking a few simple questions to get your thinking moving.

4 Questions to Begin Creating Your Vision:

1. What is the purpose of this family, team, (or myself)? In other words, why do we exist? As a whole family, what is it we exist for?

2. What are our strengths as a team (and individually)?

3. What do we aspire to do or be? Limit yourself to 3 things for now.

4. What will it take to get there? In a summarized fashion highlight some sign posts you will need to hit to accomplish this goal. You’ll get more specific later. 

Ask each member of your group to write down their own answers and when you have all completed them share one at a time with the whole group. Begin by affirming your family or individual purpose! Then, discuss how each person’s vision fits into the purpose of the whole. If you are creating a vision on your own, ask yourself how you see yourself fulfilling the purpose you exist for? Do you feel that you are currently doing this well? What could we do to change how we fulfill our purpose?

Taking the time to discuss these ideas, and to give personal thought to where you would like to see yourself in the future will help solidify your vision! Once you have your vision solidified you can prioritize goals and create a central location to display your vision. Coming in our next post you will find practical steps to focus in on your vision and create a vision board to inspire you day to day!

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