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tidying up with lil onesIn our home, this is how we make it work with the Make it a Great Day Bag!

With a busy home full of little tykes under foot, keeping the hundreds of tiny items organized is a daily chore for young moms! Aside from a full time housekeeper the only thing that can save me on a day like today is my Make it a Great Day Bag.

Surviving a walk through my living room…

Make it a great play dayMaking it from the hallway through the living room into the kitchen can be a dangerous path of barbie shoes and legos. When I reach my limit and need to bring order to our environment I reach for my everything bag and begin what we call the “Crazy Clean Up”. This means everyone grabs everything they find on the floor and we stick it in the bag. We pick up the superheroes and the hair bows, and even the empty sip cups and it all goes in the bag. Then we take the bag to the kitchen counter and we sort out our collection. Every person takes their pile to the appropriate place to store once again. Sip cups to the kitchen, hair bows to the basket in the bathroom, and legos to the lego table.

With a large top opening its sits sturdy on the floor, easy to use for toddlers. As they move around the living room picking up each item they return with their arms full to the Big Bag in the middle and deposit their collection. The lost sippy cup the little guy found under the entertainment center, he places right into the outter mesh pockets. the plastic horse and woody doll, right into the top opening.  After the bag is full then we begin placing things in their correct home. We take the bag with us as we go and one by one we deposit the toys in their proper place.

Tidying up with The BagOnce Crazy Clean up is over and I have passed out the reward M&Ms, I head to the couch to fold laundry and I take along our Make it a Great Day Bag. As the laundry for each child is folded and  stacked, I hand the bag to each child and send them to their room to put their clothes away. Even the little guy has his own shelf where his basket of daily play clothes is kept. He is quite a trooper and is willing to take the big bag too. I place the back pack straps on his little shoulders and send him off. Although he does yell out, “Mommy what do I need to do? “ And off I go to help.


Once again the Make it a Great Day Bag serves my family like a champ!

Family time

The perfect bag for a family with lots of kids, plus friends

This bag isn’t for just a weekend trip or a Saturday hike. This Bag works for me all week long. Teaching toddlers to clean up is stress free with this tool. One purchase of the Make it a Great Day Bag goes on and on. From the go to bag for a day trip, or a quick trip to the market. This Bag serves any purpose.