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harley days make great days

Mom and Dad finally stepped into true retirement, they bought Harley Davidson Motorcycles! They have always been a little adventurous but we kids never knew they had a secret love for motorcycles until last year when their sparkling new rides showed up. Nowadays their idea of fun is taking a slow cruise up the coastal road enjoying the ocean breeze and stopping for an ice cream at one of their favorite spots along the way.

beach backpackSo what do they need to take with them to make it a great day?  Mom grabs her one and only bag, The Make it a Great Day Bag! She throws in everything they need and even a pack of baby wipes to get the grime of the road off, she says.  When they stop for ice cream the bag slips off the shoulders and rests in the chair next to them.


Her packing list looks like this:

  • First Aid Kit
    the bag for Harley grandmas

    This Harley grandma grabs her one and only bag, The Make it a Great Day Bag, for her motorcycle trip, because it fits everything needed for a day trip to the coast!

  • Cell Phones
  • House Keys
  • Sunscreen
  • Baby Wipes
  • Rain Suits (If it the forecast calls)
  • Large Towel or Lawn Blanket
  • Wallets with IDs, AAA card, and my dad throws this one in for a laugh… his AARP card too!
  • Some days they pack a picnic lunch.

This all purpose tote bag is the perfect answer for a day trip up the coast. When you need a bag that is just the right size you reach for the Make it a Great Day Bag. With a draw string closure, and adjustable side straps you can take this bag from extra large size to medium size in just a click.

blue backpack 1The comfortable padded should straps make this tote bag a convertible back pack easy to wear on a long coastal ride. Fill it up or leave it with a little breathing room and you won’t feel any awkward weight distribution. These padded shoulders hold on tight and take the pressure off.

You don’t want to take a chance with your cell phones in a pants pocket! Store them in the interior padded IPad Pocket and zip it tight.  Your Bike keys have to be simple, nothing dangling in the wind. So your house keys must be stored separately, and inside the secure zipper pocket is the perfect place!

Make it a Great Day Bags is the Perfect Harley Day Trip Bag!

blue backpack 4

Enjoy the cool breeze and you cruise down the road with your day trip items stored securely in your Make It a Great Day Bag! Once you arrive and your rest spot, all of your essentials will be within easy reach. Enjoy the sun, get out and ride! Feel confident with your All in One Tote and Back Pack along for the ride!