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This weekend we filled our favorite bag again. What other bag but, The Make It A Great Day Bag? We set off for a day in the sun at a local hotel with a beautiful pool area, comprised of 6 separate pool connected, as though by canals, that move around the property. For a family of young children, there is only one word to describe this…FUN! This resort allows non- hotel guests to purchase a day pass for use of their incredible pools, however, we won our passes nearly a year ago and have been holding on to them for just the right day. A visit from a family friend was just the right time!  If you haven’t thought of this yet, it’s worth the time to call and ask a hotel or resort near you if they sell day passes! What a great way to enjoy a “stay-cation”.

all in one bag

Snack Break a the Resort

On this trip we took 6 children, and 2 adults. I packed 5 of those kids and myself in my Make It a Great Day Bag! Although the hotel wasn’t far from home, we packed so that we could enjoy every last minute of our day passes. We wore our swim suits and flip flops, then packed our change of clothing, sunscreen, lunch, and munchies for all day.

Pool Side

Pool Side Day Bag

Here is a List of everything we packed into our Make It A Great Day Bag for our day trip to the resort pool:

  • 6 Towels
  • 2 Bottles of sunscreen
  • 3 Large bottles of water
  • 1 Lunch box size soft sided cooler filled with sandwiches and snacks
  • 6 Outfits, (changes of clothing)
  • A book for me to read – (though I didn’t end up reading)
  • 4 pairs of goggles
  • 1  IPhone in the interior pocket
  • 1 Kindle Fire in the padded interior pocket


Our bag spent the day in the shade resting on a table or on the reclining chair! The kids came and went from the 6 connected pools and checked in for water and reapplication of sunscreen. The” little guy” needed a consistent refill of snacks as he played near me. Even with cheesy fingers, this bag can handle it all. 5 kids, sunscreen, pool water and cheese fingers…no problem! Once we arrived home I did my usual wipe down and shake out. Then, I folded it to store for the next time….which is really anytime we leave the house.

blue backpack 9

Make It A Great Day Bags makes your day less complicated with its creative style and ease of use!

Heading out the door to anywhere is easy with the Make It A Great Day Bag! Anything you need whether a lot or a little can fit comfortably into this bag. It is easy to store, folding up flat and placed in the drawer of our entry way table. Or leave it out for regular use on a hook in your most used entry area. Numerous pockets and a draw string closure make this the easiest bag to pack! Get your Make It a Great Day Bag and experience the true versatility of this all-in-one bag!