In Family, THE bag

The 6 year old says, “Where’s The bag? I can’t find my wallet!”.  The Bag she is referring to is of course The Make It A Great Day Bag! Since it’s arrival in our busy home it has become the only bag we reach for. Sunday morning we packed up and she insists her wallet was in the bag.  I tell her where it’s stored and she does in fact find her wallet in the iPad Pocket inside where only she knew she had safely placed it.

Beach Bag

Make It a Great Day Bag on the Beach!

Why reach for a smaller bag that “might” fit everything you need?

When inevitably each of the 6 members of this family tosses some last second item into The Bag on the way out the door. I try to remember life before we had this awesome very large bag. Why reach for a couple of backpacks – sure each of us could shove our own items into a little back pack and arrive at our destination with all of our stuff spread between 6, but why?

Life can be complicated enough some days. I go for ease of use and simplicity. That’s why everyone in this family refers to our Make It a Great Day Bag as THE Bag!

This weekend we planned a quick trip to the beach (I know we are lucky, aren’t we?). We only had a couple of hours to have a quick surf, build a sand castle or two and then home for lunch, showers and off to the airport for a sad goodbye to our family friend. Some neighbor friends wanted to jump in the van, so in went their surfboards and towels and iPhones and bar of surf wax etc. The oldest of these hilarious singles says “Hey, Where’s The Bag?”. Even HE knows we have, not A bag, but THE Bag.  “Can you put this in The Bag?”, he asks. Sure I can! There was enough space for his stuff too!

I open the interior padded pocket and slipped in 2 more iPhones. I stuff his keys into the outer side mesh pockets with tight elastic closure. The bar of surfboard wax? That’s not going inside the bag! That goes on the other side of THE Bag, in the other outer mesh pocket.

Upon arrival at our chosen surf destination, My favorite chair is placed in the sand, and The Bag is set beside me. AAHHH. Here I will sit and enjoy for an hour of reading. …or maybe not…

Beach Day!

The Beach Awaits You! Make it a Great Day!

Pretty quickly I hear….”Can I toss my towel in The Bag?” Sure. Then, from another of these tag along singles…. “Can I shove my shirt in here?”, and finally a semi-tourist visiting with this gang…. “Can I slip my Camera in The Bag?”. Yes.

Then the stream of young ones returning (already) from the shore break with shells in hand, “Can you put these in The Bag?” Of Course, right here in this large side mesh packet! The water and sand can drain off without running into our dry towels inside the bag! And near the end, the little guy asked “Can you take this stick home for Sadie (the dog)”,  and in went a small piece of washed up drift wood.  I said yes to all of it. Literally, the items kept coming. And my Make It a Great Day Bag handled it like a champ!

Beach Bag

Fill up your Beach Bag!

The Make It a Great Day Bag is literally THE Bag for everything.

You don’t need to have a collection of bags anymore. If you collect any bag let them all be the Make It a Great Day Bag, Use it for everything. Keep one in the car for groceries, one near the door for items to take with you, keep one for your “office- to- gym” bag, your day trip bag, and your beach bag! A Wipe down and a shake off and the bag is back to new. For every need, make the Make It a Great Day Bag….THE Bag!