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Watermellon Lime School Days Bag School has been back in session for a while, and you may be noticing the wear and tear on their school bag. Their school backpack has a lot of work to do on a regular basis. Any parent knows that a good investment in a school bag means you won’t be making repeat purchases three times a year to replace the well- worn bag your child began the school year with. Finding a high-quality bag made from strong,  “life-proof “materials isn’t easy. Lucky for us we have The Make It A Great Day Bag to turn to. Fall Sports season is the perfect time to test The Make It a Great Day Bag! 

watermelon lime color optionSending kids back to school requires a bag that can handle a load of books, notebooks, lunch, a bag of school supplies like pencils, pens, sharpeners, and more! Then your student will need a change of clothes and separate shoes for their fall sports. Most students who play sports are probably quite used to having to haul around two separate bags for school books and sports stuff. Keeping track of everything can be twice as complicated when you have two bags to remember. Teens need as much help as they can get staying organized and bringing home everything they left home with. This super duty bag does the job well.

Teenager Test The Make It a Great Day BagThe Make It A Great Day Bag is a heavy-duty bag that can handle anything your teen can throw at it.

Go ahead and “Teenager Test” your Make It a Great Day Bag! Let her lift it, tug it, drag it, shove it in the locker, slide it across the gym floor, squash it down under the bench. You can even let her, close and open the drawstring closure a dozen times a day, zip and unzip the individual pockets as many times as necessary. She can shove in wet clothes, stinky socks, and muddy cleats. What if she leaves the bag on the bleachers for a couple of hours and down comes a sprinkle of rain? No problem! This bag wipes clean and dries fast!

The Make It A Great Day Bag is made with your life in mind.

Normal life requires a bag that can be prepared for what you may bot be prepared for! Have your bag handy in the car, for a stop at the grocery store or package warehouse store. Need to keep some road- side tools stored neatly and safely? Your Make It a Great Day Bag is the perfect solution. For anything your need to carry – tote size, backpack size or large load size- The Make It A Great Day Bag is YOUR Bag.