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When you are looking for an all around go to bag, you know the bag you grab no matter the occasion….you need the Make it a Great Day Bag! This bag has replaced my entire previous bag collection. The only thing I would add to this bag is a replica in a different color. And since I have that option, I think I just might!  With 2 color options I can get my “change-it-up” fix easily by purchasing both the Tan and Thunder Blue or Watermelon and Lime. It is easy to clean and easy to store!

Folds Flat

Folds Flat

Here is my routine for care and storage of my Make it a Great Day Bag!

To clean: 

Once our bag is emptied I give it a good shake in the grass. I turn it inside out and shake some more. I stick my hands into the stitches and wiggle out the beach sand. Then I take it to the fence and hang it up. I take a wet cloth and wipe it down inside and out. Only once have I even needed to give it a light spray down with a hose nozzle to remove some stuck on dirt. Then I leave it in the sun to drip dry a while.

To Store: 

Once dry, I take it down and either store it behind the front door, or I fold it up and store it inside our wood chest. The bag folds flat and is not bulky at all.  The Bag even fits folded between the seats in our car so that we have it easily at hand for grocery shopping and any other last minute tote needs that may pop up.

Easy to clean and store bag

Make it a Great Day Bag packedMake it a Great Day Bags keeps life simple so that you can focus on what matters most!

Why get caught up with storing dozens of various sized tote bags? Where in the world did I store them all? Choose the only all-in-one bag you will need with the Make it a Great Day Bag! From back pack to handheld, this bag is versatile and streamlined. Don’t stay frustrated with your closet overflowing with a dozen different sizes and shapes of bags that just don’t fit anyway! Order yourself the only bag you will ever reach for again!