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Packing for a couple of nights under the stars can be pretty light if you’re serious about it.
If you plan to pack your hair dryer and fluffy bed comforter you may need a lot more than a weekend bag! But true nature lovers will want to take just the essentials, and get away from the busy lifestyle filled with electronics and instant everything. Slow down and enjoy life.

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All In One Bag

Bag filled with Horse Tack

Make it a Great Day Bag packed with Horse Gear.

When you’re planning a camp trip to alleviate a little stress and bond as a family, you don’t want to add stress to the situation by forgetting something essential.  And moms, the truth is we are always afraid we will forget something. So what do we do? We make lists, and more lists! You need hardware that will include your tent and the poles of course, and a ll other camping gear! then yo’ll need your soft wear – clothing shoes, towels etc.  you may have all sorts of lists including campsite play toys, quiet time  – otherwise known as “I’m bored” games, water toys, stargazing tools and wild life observation kits. Most of al you will want to be sure your camping hiking essentials are packed up – this includes the food, water, first aid, matches and fire starters, map, compass, safety whistle, flashlights, head lamps, knives, pocket and larger, rain gear and the like! Depending on how experienced your family is you will have different lists. But the idea is to make a list!


Mesh pocket picnic bag

Pack everything you need

Let Make it a Great day Bags be your camping companion!

Make your list and don’t leave any essentials behind! Everything you will need can be trusted to your all in one make it a great day bag! With the comfortable padded shoulder straps you won’t feel a heavy burden. Pack and then relax!