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Travelling by yourself is fun, but there is something special about traveling with friends

 1. Purchasing power

Believe it or not, pretty crazy savings are waiting for you when you travel in a group. Splitting the cost helps you save money on things like cab fares, room occupation, and car rental. And if you plan well, you can even save on meals.

2. Flying non-solo

Long airport connections are pretty lame altogether, and without anyone to share them with, they tend to be even worse. When you are flying with friends, there is always something fun to do! Whether it is playing cards, having a delightful conversation, sharing a meal or simply having someone taking turns between  napping and watching the luggage.

travel with friends3. Being crazy together

Some adventures simply taste better when you share them with someone you love. And peer pressure can motivate you to try out new and exciting things that you would not have dared to do if you were flying solo.

4. Sharing is caring

Traveling with friends means you get to benefit from someone else’s photos, books, sunscreen, meals, memories, money and sometimes even clothing. Sharing also makes connections go deeper, as you need to be concerned not only about your wellbeing, but the welfare of all those traveling with you as well.

 5. Group Power

There is a real advantage that comes from traveling with a diverse group of people since you get to have access to many different skills at the same time. Some people may be splendid at cooking while others love driving. Some may have a lot of creativity when it comes to finding new places to visit, while others tend to become the trip’s nurse and always travel with a first aid kit. The more friends you bring, the more skills there are to share.

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