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In a study made in 2013 by the Office of Travel and Tourism, it was estimated that more than 29 million North Americans traveled overseas, primarily to countries where English isn’t the native language. In many countries, you can get by with English alone, but there is a beauty that comes from getting immersed in the culture. It might not mean you become fluent in the language, but it’s nice to at least understand a little.

Prepare in advance

Learning a foreign language after you’ve already arrived at your destination can be a little overwhelming. So, it will come in very handy if you learn some of the most used phrases, such as “hello”, “goodbye”,  “please”, “thank you”, “I’m sorry”, and “excuse me.” Some other useful expressions ca be “please speak slowly”, “I don’t know”, “where is the bathroom?”, do you speak English?” or “how much is this?”

It can even be good to have down words like “help”, “emergency” and “police” in store in case of an emergency!

smartphone translationTake advantage of your smartphone

According to Priceline, almost more than 60 percent of tourists utilize their phones for things such as looking for directions, finding restaurants and local stores. But it seems that only about 30 percent use it to translate foreign languages.

Using your phone to explain what you need to say can be a very helpful tool during your vacations. So, next time you are on a trip, don’t hesitate to pull out your phone and translate your way around.

Bond with the locals

Information provided by Priceline stated that 69 percent of locals like it when tourists are curious and enthusiastic about their town. Trying to speak their language illustrates your interest.  You can also use hand gestures and body language to communicate what you need. Be polite and respectful, dig into the culture and interact with locals, there is no better way to meet the fantastic hidden places than to hang out with the people from town.

travel to a foreign language

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