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Learning the power of a thankful attitude will take you a long way in both your mental and emotional health. This time of year many people are more apt to consider the many things they’re aiming to improve in the year ahead. Having reflected on the year that has just ended, we are a little more open at the New Year to consider, making changes.  When gratitiude becomes a way of being for you, your entire outlook on life changes. Your interaction with other people changes and your future path may even change too!  Thankfulness is a powerful tool!

people living life together1. Thankful people are humble. Truly humble people have a natural and easy way about them. They aren’t trying to be humble. In fact, they aren’t trying to be anything or anyone. Perhaps it’s from the school of hard knocks or lots of life experience, but humble people have stopped caring about keeping up, and proving something to a non-existent audience. They have learned that who they are is most important to themselves and those they love and care most about. Therefore, they spend their time living according to their own goals for themselves and their family. Humility isn’t a characteristic that comes with trying really hard. In fact, people who say they are humble have just proven they aren’t. Humble people aren’t seeking or self-absorbed. They enjoy letting people talk about themselves, and their interests. Thankful people feel full and content and don’t need to ramble on to feel accepted or receive accolades. They are confident standing alone.

2. Thankful people are not anxious. They have learned to appreciate the journey and they aren’t worried about what they don’t have or who they haven’t become. They have determined the most important goals for themselves and their family, and they enjoy the process. They take each day as it comes and when things seem impossible they have employed techniques to handle the attack of worry. Thankfulness is their first line of defense against worry. They have trained themselves to see the glass as half-full. They choose to believe that what is today, will not always be. There is always room for improvement. Tomorrow is full of possibilities.

How thankfulness change your life. learning to have a thankful attitude, thankful attitudes and humility. Outdoor. People on the picnic, Achieve your goals3. Thankful people can encourage others. They aren’t threatened by others’ successes. They are able to appreciate the journey of those around them and offer an encouragement without feeling their own value was diminished. They have worked through their own process and they are comfortable with where they are in their journey. Making steps forward little by little and enjoying the ride. Grateful people can encourage others because they are aware of how their own lives have been positively affected. They can see the things they have to be thankful for, so they can help others to see the many ways they too can be thankful. Everyone loves to be around an encourager. You leave their presence feeling like a burden was lifted. You feel happier and calmer when you’re in their presence. They give life, instead of draining life from you.

a thankful attitude produces happier people, , Volunteer in your communityBeing a thankful person takes effort. Training our minds to turn from negative thinking isn’t an overnight process. But the good news is that positive results come from even the smallest of investments in this mind training process. It doesn’t take long to begin seeing the change in your attitude and in the way others perceive you too!

As the New Year takes off, reflect on the things you can be thankful for. And challenge yourself to try practicing gratitude every day! See significant changes this year!