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redrocksconcert backpackFor years there was a stigma, “men don’t carry bags”. Anytime a man was seen carrying a bag he had to explain to his friends why he was carrying it, as if he was in danger of losing his “man card”. In reality, there are lots of times a man needs to carry a bag, especially the family man. So yes, men need a family day bag too! Thankfully, there is a growing number of men today who have accepted the need to carry a bag and have managed to do so with style.

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For years men have carried briefcases or satchels. However, these bags just don’t work when dad is going to the gym, headed out fishing or taking the kids to the ball game for the day. A man quickly realizes he needs something larger and more functional than his satchel or briefcase for these settings. For many men, this meant grabbing the duffel shoved in the back of the closet somewhere, or else… shoving his man items into the diaper bag, complete with a pink floral pattern, and hoping no one notices. Today, this no longer needs to be the case. The family man has many needs and the “Make It A Great Day Bag” fits all of them without risking “man card” removal! In fact, often times his friends will ask curiously just what the bag he is carrying is.

Beach BagThe truth is, Family Men today have stepped up and they’re pitching in! They take the kids for the day, they drive them to sports practices, or to and from school, or even to the pool for an afternoon! BUT, he wants a bag that doesn’t look feminine, that doesn’t have to be carried like a purse, and that can be filled with all his items for the day. Such a bag makes a day with the kids and his buddies stress free so he can focus on “good livin”! With the Make It A  Great Day Bag (in blue and tan of course), a man can pack all he needs for the little ones such as diapers, snacks, toys and clothing. Then he still needs a secure place to put his keys, wallet and electronic devices. He can secure it all with the drawstring top and carry it on his back like a backpack, freeing his hands to carry the little ones or shake hands with a friend! It easily stands up to the daily grind whether headed out to work or on a fishing trip with his friends and the little tykes.

family day bag

Our favorite family day bag – keeps you organized and your hands free for the important things we need to carry!

There are many bags out there, but only the Make It A Great Day Bag has the qualities a man and a woman are looking for

Both men and women use the Make it a Great Day Bag daily, making it the best bag a man can own! Men love the versatility of the Make it a Great Day Bag, and the fact that he doesn’t have to loose function for it to look just manly enough! Function, Aesthetic Value, Versatility, Dependability…. the Make it a Great Day Bag is all of this and more!

It is truly the most functional bag for a Family Man! It is the non- diaper bag for men!