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We haven’t found the limits of the Make it a Great Day Bag yet. This weekend we had the awesome opportunity to visit with friends and tour a coffee plantation. It was a short weekend and we took 5 children and 2 adults.

Costa Rican Coffee Farm

The first bag I reached for was, of course, my Make it a Great Day Bag.

I packed all 5 kids in this one bag. We had to have 3 sets of clothes for each. So I folded and flattened out pajamas, jeans, jacket, and a change of clothes for each. (They wore one outfit and their sneakers). Then, I packed travel shampoo, a bar of soap, hair brush and hair ties for 4 girls! – and all toothbrushes and toothpaste into a zip top bag. All of it went into the Make it a Great Day Bag.

family time

Take the family outside this weekend!

When we got to the hotel, I unpacked the stack of clothing items, and then re packed the bag with only our essential items we would need for a day out and about in the hot Costa Rican sun. Each of the kids changed into their day clothes and wore their sneakers. We packed jackets (because it tends to rain without notice at this time of year), sunscreen, and water bottles.

What an amazing view of the valley surrounding Alajuela! We got the VIP treatment from our friends as they showed us every step of the coffee growing process. We made sure to use this as a learning experience too for our school age kids – as they watched the way that coffee seeds of various species are started in the germination process. From seedlings, to small plants that will require a year to grow, then to be planted in the actual farm and grow another year before a harvest can be picked. It doesn’t end there! Then the beans must be separated from the hull, dried, washed, inspected again, and finally roasted! We learned it takes about 3 years from seed to your table! But when you taste that cup of fresh Costa Rican coffee, you would agree it was worth it!

Dad wore the Make it a Great Day Bag as a backpack on his back as we toured the farm. We had hats, sunscreen and water bottles handy in the mesh outer pockets. The thick padded straps made the bag comfortable to wear and not cumbersome to haul for the hour tour.

Coffee Farm experience

Mesh pocket picnic bag

Pack everything you need for your trips

The Make it a Great Day Bag made our day at the coffee plantation!

The Make it a Great Day bag is our go to bag for every need. From a quick trip to the store, to a weekend away with 5 children. We reach for this bag over and over again. With its sturdy construction and versatile pockets and draw string closure, we know we can depend on this all in one bag.