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What would you say if someone asked you in your late 80s
what would make your good day great?

I asked two of my favorite people in the whole world to tell me what to them would Make it a Great Day!!!

My friends, Bruce Barber, who just turned 90 and Pat Barber, who at 85, can still walk a mile in less than 20 minutes, were kind enough to offer their thoughts. I hope you enjoy their thoughts and wisdom as much as I did – Make it a Great Day!!! 

Our good day would be great with

A sailboat ride

A neighborhood party

A beautiful wedding, especially if it’s our own

A hot fudge sundae

A lemonade in July

Standing in front of an original Van Gogh

A ticket to the Superbowl

A rainy day in Paris

A play in a London theatre

The Washington Monument in moonlight

Watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico/the Niagara River/the Atlantic Ocean/Lake Erie

A phone call from an old friend

A great idea

A swim in the Mediterranean

A problem solved

A Woody Allen movie

A kind word from your boss

A happy memory

Giving up smoking

A good night’s sleep

A new pair of glasses

Your baby’s first steps

A picnic with a backpack

pink backpack 11

Enjoy all your picnics and Make it a Great Day!

Thanks for reading  – Now help us spread the word and let us know
what it means to you to Make it a Great Day!!!

~ Tim Godzich

Go ahead, make your day great!

One day, after being invited to a friend’s pool party, Tim’s family tried to pack a typical tote beach bag to the gills. It was bulky and hard to carry. Even though it seemed to be what everyone was carrying at the beach the last time they went…  That’s when Tim came across the idea of a backpack beach bag…

Make it a great day logoThus was born the first product
to get the message out of
Make it a Great Day!!!

We put a lot of attention into making a backpack that is very enjoyable to use and works for all your daily needs, as well as any adventure you and the family want to go on. We look forward to creating more innovative products that will help motivate people to make a higher commitment to those things that we truly value.

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  • Bruce and Pat


  • Lisa Barber Kirchner

    Hey Tim!

    I made a great day when my daughter Maddie and I visited the Barbers (Pat and Bruce) for Dad’s 90th birthday! They were wonderful hosts to us and I am blessed to have parents who are so very active and vibrant at their age. I now strive to make every day great, utilizing them as a great example and inspiration!

    Also, Anyone and everyone can make it a great day by dining at the restaurant Eastern Pearl in WNY. My daughter and I have made a regular habit to find a comparable offering here in Waukesha, WI. Such an inspiration!

    I wish you, Beth, and the kids all the best, and miss seeing you on the magical street, Clarendon Place!!!