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With a large family there is nearly always something on the floor. I hear my mom saying, “Honey, someday you will wish there were a few legos to step on.” Yes, mom maybe someday….

Make it a great play day

My Go-To Bag for just about everything is the Make it a Great Day Bag! Including all the kids toys

Family time

The perfect bag for a family with lots of kids, plus friends

But for now, I am thrilled with any moment I can actually see across the living room floor! My Go-To Bag for just about everything is the Make it a Great Day Bag! Not only is it my leave-the-house bag, but its the stay at home bag too! I’m now so convinced of the all around usefulness of this bag, I think I need more than one. Not only for color options or my insane need to change things up once in a while…ok more than once in a while – But simply because this bag works! It works for laundry it works for toy control, it works for library book control, it works for train table pieces and the endless stack of beach towels, and even the board games and card games.

This weekend we had grandma arriving for a visit and there was a collection of toy and stuffed animals all around the house. Out came The Bag, and in went the animals. Rather than searching for just the right container and situating them all pretty like on the shelf. I figured, hey these are meant to be used aren’t they?  So I tossed The Bag filled with the toys onto the play table so the stuffies were within reach for the little ones.

Now toy pick up is a whole lot easier. The animals just get tossed in. Done.

With Make it a Great Day Bags Organizing with Kids is Simple!

the best bag for kidsMake it a Great Day Bags is a company committed to high quality and excellent customer service. There are so many simple uses for this bag around the house, it will make your day great in small ways that really add up!