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“Words are free. It’s how you use them that may cost you.” -KushandWizdom

Words are powerful. They have the ability to build or to destroy; to bless or curse. When you talk, your words speak life or death into those hearing you. You can say words to encourage, to heal, to bring hope, or you can break someone’s spirit and dreams with just the wrong conversation.

What you say impacts what you do

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a methodology based on the presupposition that all behavior has a structure, and this structure can be modeled, learned, taught and reprogrammed. Every day, humans perform acts, check results and modify them based on their findings. Richard Bandler, originally interested in physics and computing, made discoveries about psychological therapies and in 1972 started working with linguist John Grinder, at the University of Santa Cruz, California. Together they created the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming, which remains as the original source of information on the subject.

So for example, as you were growing up if your father said you were useless and would never succeed, those heavy words hang over you. And you may find yourself repeating this words about yourself every time you face a new challenge. This words, without you knowing, can be engraved in you as part of your identity. It is important to break with those lies and start speaking truth over your life. You are capable of achieving your dreams, and you have a purpose.

words have power


“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” -Rumi

Speak with kindness, be the kind of person who inspires others to go beyond their comfort zone. The kind people go to for honest advice and encouraging pep talks. You may be surprised how many people are aching to hear a word of love and grace over their life.