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Do you talk to yourself?

The answer should be yes! Although no one may want to admit it, most of us do talk to ourselves….all day long. The important thing to determine is what kind of talk we are involved in. Are we dreaming with hope about our future or repeating a cycle of negative thoughts that keep us discouraged about the day ahead of us, not to mention the future?

8 steps to go from self- talk to positive results

Here are some very important aspects of self- talk to keep in mind so that you can continuing talking to yourself with positive purpose!

Simpel ideas to make your day great

1. Be Aware! Know when you are apt to feel overwhelmed and possibly frustrated by the circumstances surrounding you. Be prepared with some strategies for high stress times of the week, month or year. Your work environment may increase stress for you. maybe it’s specific deadlines or  the time frame for a project completion. It could be the school requirements for your kids, or a coming family gathering. Know those stress triggers ahead of time and be prepares to self talk positive!

2.  Get Moving! Don’t forget that getting your body moving also gets your mind moving. One great way to get a fresh focus and lift your attitude is to get outside and give your body some exercise.

3.  Give yourself time! Everyone needs time without a scheduled requirement. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, just for you, make time to do it.  Your mind needs a break too.

4. Do some research… inside your own mind. You may need to tune in a for a week, and listen to yourself. Listen attentively to your own thoughts. Sounds silly, but we can become so accustomed to the self-talk that we don’t even recognize how poisonous it is. Be intentional and take notes on the kind of negative self talk you hear whether in your mind or coming out of your mouth. Pay attention to statements like, “I’ll never get ahead!”, “I have the worst luck!”, “I’m invisible!”.  “This project is going to kill me.”

5. Start Talking to Yourself! Now its time to re create the self- talk. Be on alert, and as soon as you notice your thinking pattern heading that way, say a code word. Choose a word that will carry impact for you. It may be something as simple as “Stop”,”Wrong Way”, or “Detour”. Say it loud enough to jolt your ears and your mind.

If the Stop isn’t enough, try wearing rubber band just tight enough that a snap will deliver discomfort.  When your negative thinking pattern seems like that runaway train, snap the band to give your mental state a small shock out of the thought. Don’t let the thought settle down and relax. Once the thought gets comfortable in your mind, your attitude and mood will head the same way.

6. Replace negative statements… with positive ones! This requires practice. For many, it will be a totally new concept to verbalize something you don’t necessarily feel.

7. Let your imagination run wild. We all know how powerful the imagination is. And the fact is you will never go somewhere you haven’t already been in your imagination.  Visualization is truly a requirement for you to move forward. It has been said you can only go where your mind will take you. So dream again. Let yourself imagine all the wonderful things you have always wanted to do, and see yourself there.

8.  Journal. Everyone needs to get their thoughts out of their head from time to time. Keeping a record of your journey training your mind into more positive thinking patterns will give you a great picture to refer to when you hit a bump in the road. A record of how you challenged yourself and kept on going can encourage you in the moments you are tempted to think negatively again.

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