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Today’s adolescents have a busier schedule than most adults ever remember keeping at that same age. From sports to dance, and music lessons to volunteering at the hospital, today’s teens are striving to be prepared for just about anything this world will present them. Our modern age of digital everything is a different place from the world we knew 20 years ago. Most of today’s teens will never know the previous world of phonebooks, library card catalogs, and letter writing!

best gift for busy teens, Teenager Test The Make It a Great Day BagSo how do you buy for a teen who already has one of each digital device made today? You get them The Make It A Great Day Bag!

This bag makes the perfect gift for today’s teen because the makers of this all in one tote/backpack thought of everything! There isn’t anything left out of the design of this bag! Today’s youth are looking for quick and easy, and this bag delivers. Easy drawstring access means she can get into the bag without complicated closures, and still her items are secure inside. Interior specialized pockets for her tablet or I Pad assure her nothing will be scratched or tossed about inside the bag.  Even more zipping interior pockets hold every little thing from pens to lip gloss.

Pack everything she needs for the day!

Back to school bag, vPacking for the day is made easy with the large capacity of The Make It A Great Day Bag! Soccer practice after school? No Problem, this bag can handle the Algebra books, notebooks for 3 other classes, a lunch bag full of snacks and the soccer cleats and clothing!

Does she have to sacrifice style to get capacity? Not at all! With a stylish color combination and easy to use padded shoulder straps, this bag works hard while still looking good. The Make it a Great Day Bag is the best all in one convertible Tote and Backpack. When she has a stack of books loaded up inside and needs to head across campus for her next class, she simply adjusts the shoulder straps and onto her back she tosses the bag. When school is over and she is headed to the gym for practice, she can forgo the shoulder straps for the tote handle.

The Make It A Great Day Bag is the perfect gift for today’s teens! In 2 cool color combinations, it’s a great choice for a young adult in your family!