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Everyone uses transportation of some kind. Whether you own a car, ride the bus or subway, ride a motorcycle or bike, or maybe even walk each day, the Make It A Great Day Bag is perfect for your daily commute. Especially if you are commuting on two wheels or by foot!

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One thing every commuter needs is free hands to focus on navigating safely.

With the Make It A Great Day Bag, you can fit everything you need and then wear it like a back pack. Why not just use a back pack? Because most back packs can not fit all you need, as securely and comfortably as this bag can. When you head out on foot you need comfort! You can’t worry about having your hands full of things that didn’t fit in your bag. Hopping on your bike? You need the assurance that it will all stay put even with the turning movements of the bike. You need your backpack to well packed with all of your essentials and to stay comfortably placed on your shoulders.

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All of your electronic devices and “daily carry” items fit perfectly into the dedicated pockets. Then store all of your materials for today’s important meeting in it as well. Planning to save money and pack your own lunch today. Plenty of room for that too!

Headed to the gym? No problem, there’s plenty of room for your gym clothes and towel. When you need to go to the grocery store on the way home, you can easily place your groceries in it and ride home safely. If you are using public transit you can also place the bag safely and comfortably on your lap while you are seated for the commute or even or between your feet during your trip. Because of the drawstring top and size adjusting buckles on the side, you can make the bag smaller and more compact based upon your needs each day.

pink backpack 3The Make it a Great Day Bag is the perfect bag for your daily commute!

No matter how you commute each day, Because of it’s versatility and flexibility, the Make It A Great Day Bag has your needs covered.  Knowing you can safely and securely store everything you need in a bag that is secure, comfortable and easy to carry will help you make each day a great each day! Trust our high  quality canvas and durable drawstring closures to keep all of your essentials in place.  Toss in your daily items and head out on foot or on two wheels and make today great!