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What does a woman want in a Tote bag?

When deciding on a tote bag there are a few things we women consider.

  • What it will be used for ….um everything!
  • How does the bag close?
  • What material is it made from?
  • Can I load it up without worrying about it’s durability?
  • Is it versatile?
  • Can it be used as my family day bag?

pink backpack 5

There are certain Key Features women want in their Tote!

A great tote bag has to have durable straps, reinforced bottoms, spacious interiors, with specialized pockets, and zip tight pockets as well. We women love an organized bag! It may not stay that way for longer than today. But it feels really good to put everything where it needs to be! Zippers, elastic closures, padded pockets, and extra compartments are the icing on the cake!  This is what makes our day a little easier and makes us a whole lot happier.

blue backpack 6The Make it a Great Day Bag saves the day! The best part about this bag is its dependability! Our lives are busy ladies and we don’t want to be searching for a tote bag as we walk out the door. We want to know that we have what we need. Hey dad always said, “work smarter” right? Having the right tool for the job can cut your work time down. So, having the Make it a Great Day bag means no more searching through closets for a bag. No more hoping it will all fit. No more stressing over whether the straps will bust right apart at the seams.

Make it a Great Day Bag for toys

Women want convenience and without the perfect Tote, having an umbrella on hand, and your 3 devices carefully protected at the same time wouldn’t be possible. We need our tote to work for us, and that means doing more jobs than one!  Put your Make it a Great Day Bag to work to hold magazines next the couch or reading chair. Take it grocery shopping with you, use it as your everyday essential bag or your family day bag!

family day bagThe Make it a Great Day Bag is THE Tote for you!

The Tote bag that beats all others has won our hearts! Order one for yourself and one for your best friend! She will be so glad you did. In blue or pink, you can get the switch it up fix. Dedicated to creating quality products that work for you the Make it a Great Day company wants to see your day go a little more smoothly.