In Community

The Holiday Season is a great time to reconnect with your community. In our busy lives, it is common for most of us to make the drive from work to the school pickup line, to home without even recalling how we got home. Oftentimes we run on such robot-like mechanisms getting through the tasks of our day that we hardly remember what route we took to get home.

But holidays are a time for slowing down. We have posted recently about how to truly get the most out of your holiday season. The pace of gift buying and activities spread all across town doesn’t have to sweep us away. Making a few simple choices early in the holiday season can drastically reduce your level of stress at this time of year and it will significantly add to your enjoyment of the holiday time of year.

People on the picnic, recconect with your community this holidayGet connected in your community this Holiday Season!

With that in mind, how can you reconnect with the place you call home? This is the time many local communities are hosting loads of family friendly activities. Check out your town’s holiday calendar through the town website. Generally, each town or city will keep an active website with all their “goings on”. This is where you will find the time of the Town Christmas Tree lighting, The local Christmas Parade where you are sure to hear several elementary school bands tinkering away on drums and bells as they march behind a decorated pickup truck, and numerous other planned events.

tidying up with lil onesThere may be even more local events you can participate in, helping you to truly be a part of your community. Consider hosting a toy drive in your area. Encourage your own neighborhood to sort through their kids’ collection of toys to give to children who would be thrilled to have a new toy! Even in large cities, you can experience the small town feel by participating in the smaller activities and raising community awareness in your neighbors. When the people who live within the city borders choose to gather for a common purpose of any kind, whether community involvement in a clean up project, a local garden, or holiday celebrations, gathering together for a central purpose gives the group identity. Identifying with your community makes living in your town even better experience for you, your family and your neighbors.