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In the market of tote bags, backpacks, family bags, diaper bags and weekend bags, The Make it a Great Day Bag is truly the only all purpose bag you will need to reach for. It’s never too big or too small.  The versatility of this bag is one of its best characteristics!

4 Design Features of the Make It a Great Day Bag that make this the most desirable all-in-one tote!

IMG_19341.Maximum carry capacity!  If I need a large tote bag and have a stack of stuff I plan to cram inside, I let out the side straps to their maximum length allowing for full storage. This applies to the majority of my uses these days!  Beach days call for a load of towels, snacks sunscreen and the like!  Trips to the farmer’s market call for extra size carrying capacity or an overnight trip to our capital city-changes of clothes and toiletries for 6.


IMG_19382. Large Tote converts to small tote in a cinch!

The Make it a Great Day Bag cinches down to create a smaller bag for times you only need a little space. For other needs that require a smaller tote, I simply cinch the side straps down, and pull the draw string closure tight. Then the extra security closure clicks tightly over the drawstring, and nothing can bounce around.


3. Versatile Outer Mesh pockets!  Stuffed BagThese 3 mesh pockets have tight elastic openings to keep things from falling out or sliding around.  Sunscreen, water bottles, baby wipes, maps, dog leash, and any other item you want to have at hand. Three easy access pockets are situated on the side center and both sides of the bag adding even more convenience to the all in one tote.


4. Converts to Back Pack in a snap. When you need to take your hand held tote to shoulder carry, pink backpack 8slip on the shoulder straps and wear your Make It a Great Day Bag as a back pack. When you need your hands free to grab other bags, to manage a couple of dogs on leashes, or maybe even to manage a toddler in your arms, convert your Make it a Great Day tote to a back pack and enjoy the freedom of having all your items secure and still within reach.

Convenient, Versatile, Attractive, Smart… This is the Make It a Great Day Bag!

Join the unofficial club of satisfied Make it a Great Day Bag users. We pride ourselves on having only ONE bag to store, organize, and clean!  Add your own charm with your favorite touch of personality such as a pretty scarf tied to the shoulder straps. Maybe you need something a little more manly like a flashlight key chain or even a lego key chain,  need to go more girly? How about something with a little bling if you like. Make it YOUR Bag!

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