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You can’t get much more community oriented that your local library! Public Libraries have been referred to as community cornerstones and we agree! There are 123,000 public libraries across the Unites States, and this summer many of them will be hosting special summer-long events, activities and projects for children and adults alike!

Summer gets hot and there will be some days your family just needs a break from the heat! Take your gang to your local library, and show them what vibrant community life looks like. The Library is a wonderland filled with adventure waiting around every corner….literally! Take along your Make it a Great Day Bag. This bag makes the best family day trip bag.

Public Library

With our technological age your trip to the library may not look as much like your days of library going but the thrill still exists. With the digital age opened to us, libraries of today can now serve an even more diverse community than ever before -specializing in materials and resources in several languages, as well as meeting the needs of community citizens with special needs.

I know I may be a little odd but the Library gives me goosebumps! All of that knowledge in one place. Ok, yes I know the internet – with all of that knowledge- is right there in the invisible wireless signal bouncing around my house day in and day out. But there is still something a little unexplainable about an actual book-in-your-hands feeling.

Bag full of books

Make it a Great Family Day at the Library

4 ideas for making it a Great Day
of your family library trip

1.Teach your children the real dewey decimal system. Why? Just because its knowledge. Sure, they can completely ignore the majority of the dewey decimal system by simply looking up the info on the internet. But when they go into a library and search for a resource on the internal computer system, known as the card catalog, they will be given a number that will coincide with the location of the book based on its organization within ….you guessed it… the Dewey Decimal System – Invented by the American Library Pioneer, Melvil Dewey. Teach them also, that this magical computerized system of organizing books was at one time a true “Card” system. This information was previously stored on actual, physical 3×5 cards in a large drawer system.

2. Ask your library staff to give you a “tour” of the library.  He can explain to you all that your library membership provides. You will be surprised at how many things come included in your community library membership. Including “borrowing” entrances to local zoos and museums. A Selection of not only educational, but new -release, box office hit, DVDs too!

3.  Make it fun! Ask your children to name a famous person , a famous place, and a famous thing. Then go on a scavenger hunt for books pertaining to those 3 items. Have them use the computer catalog system to locate their resources. Now, hand them your Make it a Great Day Bag and let them fill the bag with their scavenger hunt finds! Then sit down at one of the incredibly large research tables and spread out their materials. Ask them to find something interesting about that famous person, place and thing that they didn’t already know.   This is a fun and easy way to get to know your public library.

4. Finally ask your library staff for their monthly calendar. Most local Public libraries have their calendar full of fun activities for the entire community all month long. You are sure to find something you like.

blue backpack

Pack your Make It a Great Day Bag

Participate in your local community!
Take your Make it a Great Day Bag to the Library
and fill it with books!

With a limit of 6 books per person on our membership we left with 30 books! And yes, they were all inside my Bag, comfortably worn on my shoulders with the back pack straps. The Make it a Great Day Bag is truly the all in one bag your family can depend on.  Made of durable materials that don’t give way with the extra weight of books, we didn’t worry about loading it up! Make it a Great Day Bags encourages community involvement! Are you looking for more ways you can be a part of your local community? Check out our post Take Your Make it a Great Day Bag on a Trip to the Farmer’s Market!