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Getting outdoors for a little time every day is essential.

Not only is a little sunlight good for our intake of Vitamin D, it helps to lift our mood and keeps us in contact with the earth.  In our post, Take Your Make it a Great Day Bag to the Garden and get closer to Nature!  , we told you how important it is to get closer to nature by literally touching the earth, soil and grass every day. Not only do you release stress, but you neutralize free radicals in your body when you touch the earth with bare feet and hands.

As you take time everyday to get outdoors, don’t forget that your pets and other wildlife are part of that circle of life! Enjoy taking your dog for a walk, or even spending some time with horses or other farm life if you have the opportunity. You can’t get closer to mother nature than mounted on a Horse.

Make your Day Great with a trail ride!

get closer to mother nature than mounted on a Horse.

Horses enjoy a cooling dip in the creek

We have the Make it a Great Day Bag packed full with horse riding tack!

Our two horses roam free on a mountainside and when we go out to ride or just to spend some time with them we know just where to find them. We know their favorite spots; the creek and their favorite peaceful pasture. We pack our bag with everything we will need for the afternoon with our equine friends!

Bag filled with Horse Tack

Make it a Great Day Bag packed with Horse Gear.

Here is what we packed into our Trail Ride Make it a Great Day Bag:

  • 3 Helmets
  • 2 Lead Ropes
  • 2 Rope Halters
  • 3 Hats
  • 1 Bottle of Sunscreen
  • 1 Bottle of Water
  • 1 IPhone tucked into the special interior pocket
  • Bug Repellent
  • Bag of fruit leftovers and Peels (For our Horse Friends that is) Including: Watermelon Rinds, Mangos, Apple Cores and A slightly rotten cucumber.IMG_1478

When we head off on the trail we don’t want to have to turn back for something we forgot. We prepare for our ride with some snacks to eat when we stop at our favorite overlook.  We pack it all in this bag so we can enjoy every drop of sunlight before the day’s end. The Bag fits comfortably on my shoulders as a back pack, with the drawstring closure securely tightened, and the velcro handle straps closed. Nothing can fall out and the straps stay put on the shoulders.

The Make it a Great Day Bag makes
the Perfect Trail Ride Companion!

When we get to our over look we munch on our snack (Granola bars and Gatorade), and we give the Horses their snacks too – rinds, peels, cores, and veggies. Time to turn back and get home before dark. Time with our horses makes us feel at peace. Our minds feel clearer and our bodies feel whole. Staying close to Nature keeps our bodies grounded and free of stress. With this versatile bag we can enjoy nature and clear our minds on our trail ride.

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