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Our bodies were made to move.

Exercise… some dread the word. Images of sweat, toil and pain come to mind and steer us away from it. On the other hand, we know that stimulating your body through exercise will help you get healthy fast! So the balance lies in how to make your workouts lots of fun. 

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There are many different forms of exercise, which means there is something for everyone.

The most important thing is to get your body moving. Some movement is always better than no movement. If you have been living an inactive life, decide today to get moving and watch your health begin to change!

Here are some tips to help you get moving and get healthy fast:

  • Walk More: This is easy to implement each day. Try parking further from work or stores and taking the stairs. Consider walking to a nearby park to get some fresh air and get your body moving!
  • Start a basic body weight exercise routine: This is another great way to stimulate your body, and it can be done in as little as 15-20 minutes a day, without any equipment. There are a plethora of online videos to help you get started. Just remember to take it slow at first or you’ll be really sore the next day! People in gym warming up stretching
  • Start strength training: Once you’ve been doing a basic body weight routine for at least a month, you may want to increase the intensity with weights. This can be done with a home gym or by joining a local gym. Don’t worry, you won’t get big and muscular like body builders. Even if you just want to be fit or toned, strength training is how you get there! You can make incredible progress in as little as 3 30-45 minute workouts each week, so what are you waiting for?

While exercising is great, it is equally important to give your body a chance to recuperate. Without rest, the body cannot recover, and you could end up overtrained and hurt.

Here are some tips to ensure you recuperate properly and stay on the path to optimal health:

  • Get enough quality sleep: Many health issues are related to insufficient sleep. If you are not getting at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night, then you aren’t getting enough! You may be able to function mentally on less sleep, but the body will suffer physically. Eight hours sleep is enough to refresh both the mind and the body, leaving you healthier and ready for each day.
  • Go to bed earlier: Developing a sleeping pattern will dramatically improve your overall health! Try to get to sleep by 10:30 each night and wake at the same time each day.Quality sleep improves health
  • Make Your Room Dark and Cold: Try removing all ambient lighting and electronic devices from where you sleep. This simple step will help your sleep quality and help you recuperate quickly!

Getting healthy fast doesn’t have to be a chore. Simple starting an exercise routine 3 days a week and getting proper sleep can help you immensely. Evaluate your schedule and make the necessary changes to add exercise to your routine today. You will get healthier, and your life will improve! That’s a simple recipe for making great days!