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As a Summer break full of great memories for children is coming to an end, here is one more fun idea for you and the kids.

Having the day ahead and full of free time to explore and imagine is what children long for.  Before the summer ends when your kids are begging for something fun to do, plan a camp night in their own back yard. The backyard campout promises high thrills and low stress. With clean bathrooms and the frig stocked full, the list of things to remember is short!  While it’s true camping and kids can create a feeling of chaos instead of calm, with a few simple games in the comfort of your backyard, you can be sure this camping trip will be a low stress success. Invite a few friends to your back yard slumber party and watch the magic happen.

Begin the fun by packing as though you really are going on a long trip. You’re gonna need your Make It A Great Day Bag! This is the perfect bag to pack the essentials: blanket, towel, small pillow, clothing, card games, flashlight and more! Send invitations to your friends using clever wording that invites your friends to ‘sleep under the stars”. Create a eye catching invitation using a dark blue background paper, and add glitter to create the stars. Inside the invitation list the items to bring. You may want to ask each of your guests to bring part of your menu. Someone may be asked to add the hotdogs, or marshmallows, and someone else the chocolate.

Camp in the tent - two brothers on the camping

What to Bring:imaginative play on a great day

  • Sleeping Bag and/or Blanket
  • Flashlight
  • Board Games and Card Games
  • S’mores (the camping “food”!)
  • Pajamas
  • Swim Suit for water games
  • Change of clothes

Set up a few tents around your back yard and some camp chairs around the center. Plan an arrival game to help everyone break the ice and get comfortable. Then its time to make dinner! Hotdogs over the open fire, or a kebab of barbecue chicken. Who could forget dessert? Classic S’mores or Campfire Cones (ice cream cones with mini marshmallows and candy pieces roasted).


IMG_3357Make it a Great Day Bags has the perfect bag for a slumber party!

Make your summer nights great with a backyard campout! Grab your all purpose bag and stuff it with everything your children will need to have nearby when they sleep over with friends. Sleeping under the stars is a memory in the making. Enjoy it even more with Make it a Great Day, Bags, the perfect bag for all of your children’s activities.