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The Time has come! There are lots of sad children and many relieved adults. Oh, that summer never had to end! School is back in session! The excitement of a fresh start is in the air and both Teachers and Students can use a little encouragement to start the year off with the right attitude! Learning is a life long process. Gone are the days when information rarely changed. In our technology driven world we are seeing changes happening faster than ever before in history. Our students must now learn to be learners…lifelong learners.

Make it a great day at school

The famous motivational speaker and author, Zig Ziglar pointed out, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Motivation can wane if we let it, which is why for anyone to truly Make Great Days, we have to be intentional. One of the best ways to start your day of great is with a positive affirmation. An Affirmation is a positive statement about yourself and your current place in life. All you need to do is take a look a your talents and strengths and create a true statement about yourself and the direction your life has the potential to go.

New Mindset New Result

A positive affirmation recognizes your potential which many of us overlook on a regular basis. They fill us with hope for a better outcome. They program the right pattern of thinking that will be required for us to act upon our goals, make the right decisions, and therefore reach our true potential. And in the classroom, positive affirmations create the perfect environment to learn!

3 Tips to begin a pattern of Positive Affirmations:

1. Create a new habit. Positive Affirmations work best if stated daily, and even several times a day. The Idea is to remind yourself of who you truly are and where you are really going. So pick your best time and verbalize your affirmation; the same time every day.

2. Keep it short and specific to the person. Whether its for you, or your children, create a statement that is to the point and specifically related to the person who is saying it.  For example your high schooler may say:” I am an intelligent, capable 16 year old. I have insights that are valuable in a classroom and I am capable of leading and do not give in to peer pressure. ”

3. Address areas of weakness as well as strengths. Take the areas you feel could improve and create an affirmation that speaks to that area as though it had been matured and improved. For example, “My tendency towards tardiness is not a habit I will continue, I am moving towards recognizing areas that need more attention the night before to prepare me for a smoother morning and punctual arrival.”

Make it a Great Day Bag packedBack to School Can Be A Positive, Great Day Experience!

With these positive affirmations you, your family and the students in your life will see the day brighter. As school starts this year, Let your Make it a Great Day Bag be your everything school bag! Keep it in the car for your sports clothes and shoes. Do you need to make a quick pick up and then off to Dance Class? Trust your Make it a Great Day Bag. Pack your bag and have it ready in the car! You Make it a Great Day Bag is your “Go-To” Bag! Enjoy the freedom of just one bag!