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The BAG for your 4th of July Celebration Picnic in the Park!

Like any American Family, this 4th of July, we celebrated with food and fun! Whether your plans included a backyard bbq, a picnic in the park, you inevitably need the usual collection of sunscreen, towels and water bottles.  Once again we reached for our Make It a Great Day Bag to pack for our Independence Day Celebration!

We had a fun day in the sun planned for Saturday the 4th, and I knew that the secret to enjoying the day is having almost everything we need at hand, and extras of everything. That means extra towels extra clothing, plenty of sunblock and who can forget the snacks?

Make it a Great Day Bag for toys This is what our 4th of July, Make It a Great Day Bag packing list included:

  • 7 Towels
  • 2 Bottles of Sunscreen – a face stick and thick cream too!
  • 4 hats
  • 6 outfits
  • 2 Water Bottles
  • 6 Juice Boxes- in a soft sided lunch box cooler.
  • 2 packs of mixed nuts.
  • 3 pairs of goggles
  • 1 netted bag of pool toys.
  • 1 lawn blanket.
  • 1 “Blankie” For when little man is all dried off and ready to chill.
  • I phones in the inner protective pocket.

When we got to our picnic site, we opened up the lawn blanket and tossed out a few toys. We took out our stack of towels, and set our Make It a Great Day Bag aside. Tummies got hungry pretty quickly and out came the snacks. Not long after, the Grill was cooking and that wonderful smell filled the air. The Kids ran and played, the adults talked and talked! The water guns squirted and sprayed! And later on the Fireworks lit up the sky with a pretty impressive show for a small town! Now that the insect repellent had been left at home (Gasp! ) it was time to end our fun filled day. We packed up everything in a hurry and essentially shoved it all back into our Make It a Great Day Bag!!  Friends all around were impressed with construction and durability.  Dear old dad thought it was even better to show them the padded interior pocket; his favorite part.

picnic bag that fits all

The Make It a Great Day Bag is Truly the Only Bag you need!

Make Great Days logoSturdy construction, versatility and intuitive design set this bag apart as the only bag to reach for. The Make it a Great Day Bag is especially efficient for young families with lots of coming and going. This bag serves as the easiest go-to bag for the many calendar events you have scheduled. Order your bag today and you will see why this is The Bag for our family.