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Your backpack can be a lifesaver for you next journey. Whether you are going to a concerta picnic, hiking to the mountain or swimming at the beach, the way you pack becomes an important part of your trip.

At Make It A Great Day we have the perfect backpack for your trip

Sun Glass Pocket Sweet Spot Bag Cell Phone Pocket glasses pocket pinicbag side zipper pocket inner pockets sunglasses pocket belongings pocket smartphone pocket ipad pocket sunscreen pocket


There is nothing better than to have all you need right there at your hand.

All our backpacks are manufactured with high-quality, water-resistant canvas and you won’t believe the amount of storage room; Individual compartments for your wallet, cell phone or sunglasses,  external pockets for your books and other personal items…. Your bottle of water, first aid kit, sunscreen, towels, headphones, favorite snacks, etc. Should we go on? You get it, right?

Our backpack is also great to share with friends, as it has enough storage room for the personal items of your buddies. This way you all carry just one bag and can share the workload.backpack to sucess

Choose one of our two colors; blue and beige or pink and green. Both with easy to wash fabric.

Choose your next destination and embark on a new adventure with your Make it a Great Day Bag

Now all you need to focus on is choosing the place. Step out of your comfort zone, go to places you have never been, don’t follow the crowds, make your own path and take risks. 

Choose your next adventure