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The Make it a Great Day company is dedicated to seeing our world impacted positively.  You can make your days count! When our lives move in such a fast pace we tend to move from work to home, stopping briefly at the grocery store or other responsibilities in between, arriving at Saturday really needing a break!

Have you ever arrived home after driving in your car, only to realize you don’t remember how you got home? You drove your route completely by memory and hardly paid attention the entire commute. Life is full and if we don’t do something intentionally to stop our pace for even a short time, we loose track of time. And when we look back years have gone by and the possibility exists that just maybe we didn’t accomplish all that we had hoped to.

Rural school in Costa Rica in need of TLC

helping a community in needContributing to the community, not just living in it.

One way to live life more fully is to discover the heartbeat of your community.  Where you call home is unique to all of us. Whether rural or metropolitan; in every community there are opportunities to get involved. Bring the whole family and give a little to your community this weekend. If you’re really feeling ambitious take a trip outside your own local community to outer lying areas that aren’t as easily noticed. This weekend we took a group of teens to a rural school in much need of some TLC.

We asked our local town hall about schools that needed a little boost as they prepared for the return to school in a few weeks. One school had been forgotten for years and we were thrilled to be able to lend a hand giving the rural school a fresh coat of paint and some much needed gardening work!

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