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Research abounds showing the benefits of exercising on a regular basis. We know it’s good for us, but it can be very hard to fit it into our schedule. Many of us make New Years resolutions to make exercise a priority. Exercise is one of those things most people feel like they need to do, yet often don’t.  It is not easy to find time in our busy schedules and even when we do, it can be a hassle to get everything together to get there. Well, Make it a Great Day Bags are here to help! In a previous post we explained how to accomplish your goals and make time for what matters most.  Check out these posts for tricks that will help you make your fitness goals a reality.

When it comes to making it more convenient though, our bags are here to help! When you use the Make It a Great Day bag as a dedicated gym bag, you have all the space and organization you need to pack for the gym during your evening or morning routine.


Make It a Great Day Gym Bag!

Make it A Great Day Gym Bag!

There is plenty of space for your workout shoes and clothes, your towel, water bottle and even a quick snack to keep you fueled during your exercise. There is also a dedicated pocket for keeping your wallet and keys safely stowed so that you don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind in the gym lockers after you are done working out.

You can also pack your tablet or a book to read while you are on the treadmill. All of this will fit securely in your bag along with a change of clothes for the ride home! If you like to swim at the gym, you can pack goggles and head cap in the netted pockets on the outside.

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Make it a Great Day Bags go everywhere!

Pack your Make It A Great Day Gym Bag and make your fitness routine a priority!

There are many reasons why we may avoid getting fit, but convenience doesn’t need to be one of them. By putting everything in your Make it A Great Day Bag, you will be able to easily get into the gym and accomplish your goals. The best part about going to the gym is how much better you feel when you are done, knowing you are well on your way to accomplishing your goals. That’s making everyday a Great Day!