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It’s Saturday morning and the kids are full of energy!

Saturday is the day everyone lets loose. It’s the day we let ourselves forget the routine of the week and splash into some fun! This weekend, pack up the family and your Make it a Great Day Bag, and head to your local community water attraction!

Community centers and central parks alike serve our local towns as the heartbeat and central forum for community life.

swim lessons SaturdayOur local communities provide a sense of connectedness to life all around us. Life in community exists in businesses, schools, awareness coalitions and tucked away in our individual family lives.  A Healthy “Community” indicates a group of responsible citizens working in harmony towards common goals.

Many communities are getting into the water fun by creating mini water parks and splash pads to complement their “dry” parks, and community pools. “Splash Pads” require little or no standing water, and a wide range of water play options for the whole family.  Some have even called themselves cross-generational, providing light splashing fun for grandparents as well as toddlers. Splash pads provide great opportunities for neighbors and friends to come together to cool off and relax. Splash pads feature water streams that jet upward from the surface or through high powered jets directed through nozzles and “water cannons”,  dumping Buckets of water over your head and sporatic streams that “chase” you through an obstacle course of swirling towers and tunnels; a splash pad has something to offer everyone!

Maybe the entire family are avid swimmers and you’re looking more adventure under the surface of the water. Then investigate your local community offerings for the summer months. From swim lessons for littles to swim clubs for every age in between, local pools and community water attractions provide for united fun for all!

Make it a Great Day backpack at the poolYou can pack ALL your pool stuff in ONE BAG, if you have a Make It a Great Day Backpack

For this Great Day, the family gathered all the gear, towels, sunscreen, goggles, pool toys, even a long foam pool “noodle”. We planned our picnic lunch, and filled our water bottles. We suited up the kiddos and lathered on the sunscreen. Flip flops everybody? With the Make it a Great Day Bag there is plenty of room for everything this family of 6 will need. Off to the pool we go!

Make it a Great Day Bags is dedicated to producing high quality bags to suit every family need. With our bags, you can truly grab it and go. With maximum stuffing capacity, nothing will be forgotten. Enjoy your family fun day this weekend with Make it a Great Day Bags!