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A legacy… everyone has one, or at least we will one day. Today it is called a reputation, tomorrow our reputation becomes our legacy. A legacy is a way people remember you after you are gone. It is all the things they remember about your life, how you impacted the people and the world around you. For some, the word legacy may seem out of reach and beyond your control, but in reality, it isn’t. Everyone leaves a legacy whether they want to or not! You form your legacy in the little choices you make each day. Leaving a legacy is about living intentionally each and every moment, choosing to focus your attention on what matters most.

Leaving a legacy requires being intentional with your choicesOne of the greatest ways you can impact the world around you today and in the future is through your family. Because they are the people you are closest with on a daily basis, you have the most opportunity to impact and influence your family’s lives for good.

Leaving a legacy is easier than you think. Leaving a lasting legacy is accomplished by spending intentional time with your spouse and children each day. Being intentional, is by its definition, something that requires isn’t something that requires planning. so take the time to think it through. Making Great Days is something you have a lot of control over. Make some great memories for your family with these tips on leaving a legacy!

Here are some tips on how to leave a legacy for your family:

  1. Unplug: Put down the phone, computer, tablet and turn off the T.V. As hard as it sounds, you will love it once you start. These distractions can be nice at times, like on family movie night, but they can also rob us of the relationships around us. When you’re with your family, unplug and connect with them!
  2. Have Meaningful Conversations: What will you do once you have turned all devices off? Talk! Try to have at least one meal together every day. When arriving home from work, take the time to connect with each family member. Ask how their day was and then listen to their responses!
  3. Pass it on: What values do you hold dear? What about your spirituality, work ethic and education? Take time to teach your children each of these things. Intentionally invest in their hearts and minds to help them become who they are meant to be.
  4. Go out together: We live in a big world, and there is a lot to do and see, even for free. Find fun ways to spend time with each family member, such as going for a walk or on a date!
  5. Have Fun: Get everyone involved in playing board games or card games together. If you enjoy reading, then read a book together, aloud. You could also take a day trip to the beach or park one afternoon.

These things may seem insignificant in themselves, but they have the power to dramatically impact your family and your legacy. One decision at a time. Our relationships become what we invest in them. So determine today what kind of legacy you want to leave and then be intentional with your family to make it a reality!