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Thanksgiving means gathering together with your loved ones and celebrating all of the reasons you have to be thankful! Even when life seems to be throwing some curve balls at you, there are ways to take your mind off of the negative and choose to focus on the positive. In recent posts we have talked about the benefits of transforming your attitude to gratitude; benefits in both your body and your mind! So, this Thanksgiving, while you are in the kitchen preparing your secret recipes, think over the year and everything it has brought you.

Mesh pocket picnic bagWhen it’s time to pack up to go to your Thanksgiving Dinner, you have lots of little details to remember. You need a bag that can handle it all. There is no reason to take several separate bags and make dozens of trips back and forth to the car to load and unload. Grab your faithful Make It A Great Day Bag!

This is THE bag you trust for every task.

You keep in it the car for stop-off trips to the grocery store. You fill it with dry cleaning for drop off. You grab it for a day at the beach or lake. You fill it with that special stuffed toy and night-time essentials for a sleep-over! Your kids even grab it for everything they can think of! Little ones know how to reach it for a spy adventure and older ones know where to find it to fill it full for a Saturday trail ride.

Large backpack for day at the clubNow it’s time for THE bag to really prove itself! Thanksgiving is a special time and nothing can be forgotten. The Make It a Great Day Bag is the best tote bag for taking to a potluck! Line the bottom with a towel to hold in the heat, then stack up your warm casseroles dishes. Layer another towel on top of your warm dish stack, and place your salad bowl on top. Your side netted pockets are the best place to store your extras like salad dressings and pot holders. The Make It A Great Day Company knows how important family ties are! Enjoy your family time this Thanksgiving and know that YOUR Make It A Great Day Bag is beside you!