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Buddhist MonkThe Make it a Great Day company is dedicated to encouraging positive living. Learning to make each day great is a process and we believe healthy thought patterns and positive attitudes go a long way to encouraging you to make your day great. Back in, 2014 after the sale of several start up health care companies, our founder, Tim, decided to find a way to make his life phrase ” Make it a Great Day” more than just a phrase.

He was impacted by an anonymous quote that read “Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy”, and he wanted to become someone who gave positive energy.  Tim wanted to create products that would motivate people to make a commitment to the things they truly value and learn how to live with intentionality making every day great.  On a family day trip Tim noticed his lovely wife had once again loaded their classic tote bag to the gills.  He began to brainstorm a better bag! Make it a Great Day Bags was born! Now our company is dedicated to creating products that encourage people to live in a way that places their focus and positive energy in the right direction, allowing them to truly have Great Days!

6cfa5ce3-3e79-4fce-85a1-f4f296eb8e93Celebrating the many ways you can learn to make your days great, we are highlighting a few tips from one of the most shared self-improvent posts on the internet – “15 things you should give up to be happy.”


1. Give up your right to be right – Ask yourself what drives this insane need to come out on top? To be right? Does it really make a big difference?  Ultimately ask yourself  “would I rather inflate my ego a little more by being right? Or would I rather be known for being kind? “.

2. Give up your need to control. This is a tough one. There are always issues at the root of why we MUST control. But letting everyone around you just BE, is a gift. And people always flourish when they are given the freedom to be who they are. People need to feel the pressure come off in order to BE. So take the pressure off of you and the people around you and learn to live out of control from time to time.

3. Stop placing blame. It’s true there are 1000 reasons why this happened or that happened. And it could be easy to just point and say, “She did it”. But doing that takes away the power we have within ourselves to enact change. Placing blame may make you feel better for a few minutes. But ultimately it doesn’t change what happened. Only you can enact change. Focusing on where to place blame exhausts your energy and keeps you in a paralyzed state. Choose to withhold your “right” to point the finger. Reserve your energy and use it move yourself ahead and past this!Happy Couple Dream New Home

Look for more tips coming soon on how you can be proactive in making each day great!

redrocksconcert backpackMake it a great Day Bag Company believes you have the ability to make your days great!

Get out there and live. Grab our perfect all- in -one tote and head out for an adventure of your own. Whether your braving the grocery store with 4 little ones today, or taking a long weekend to experience a summer concert, the Make it a Great Day Bag is the only bag you’ll need!